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    Hey guys,
    It's a big career move for my site.I'm in shared hosting currently but due to the increasing traffic I'm forced to move to VPS hosting.What are the good things about VPS hosting?

    My host said the site will be faster than in a shared hosting.They currently offer me this spec:

    20 GB Disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, 1000 Mhz CPU and 512 MB RAM.2 dediated Ip's and webmin.

    My site drives about 6K-10K UV a day.Do you think these specs will be enough to run my site without any problem?
    VPS would be fine and it will easily fulfill your requirements. You will surely see a change in performance when you upgrade from Shared to VPS. 1000 Mhz CPU and 512 MB RAM will be allocated to your account only. This will ensure a better performance Moreover the port speed of VPS is more as compared to Shared plan, so the website loading speed will also increase. So overall VPS will be ideal solution for your busy website with around 6K-10K UV a day. :: Cheap Reseller Hosting | Cloud Servers | Fully Managed Dedicated Server
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    VPS is a cost effective solution, than a dedicated hosting plan. You’ll get almost all the features of dedicated servers but at a much less cost. With a VPS you get guaranteed resources for your use. Apart from this, you get root access. On the VPS you can install third party applications.

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    VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a virtual machine sold by a hosting service. VPS runs its own operating system. VPS is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The customers can install any software for the operating system. VPS is equivalent to a dedicated server. VPS can be easily configured. VPS cost is less compared to an equivalent physical server. VPS can share their physical hardware with other VPS, performance may be weak but it depends on the workload of other virtual machines.

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