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    Default Why are we still using HTML?

    Hi dear all friends !
    I haven't done much with Flash to date because I specialize in low-cost, brochure-style websites. However, Adobe is currently saying that 98% of internet users can now view Flash websites. Flash is now search engine friendly - completely parsable by Google if I understand correctly. Is there a reason to keep making HTML websites? Is it time for us all to switch to Flash for prettier, more functional design options? What are the pros and cons?

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    because of some SEO purpose? HTML is good for seo

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    Because html sites are easy to load than the flash.

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    yes HTML site is good for SEO and this site easy to load

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    Great post thanq....

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    1. Easy to learn compared to other languages.
    2. Well-interpreted by browsers.
    3. HTML Parsers are forgiving. If an element fails to parse it doesn’t break the entire document. (Does not apply to XHTML)
    4. Light-weight. High signal to noise ratio compared to other forms of communication.
    5. Has a vast (and expanding) array of structural and aesthetic elements that can infer meaning and presentation.
    6. Free. No license fees. DRM Free.
    7. An Open Standard. Transparent.
    8. Widely used, hugely popular.
    9. Multiple languages supported.
    10. Can go anywhere a browser can go: Multiple platforms supported


    1. Requires a browser to interpret it correctly.
    2. Open to author interpretation, therefore authors are the weakest link in the communication chain.
    3. Technical progress has been slow, limited by the Standards Bodies, Authors and the tardiest browser to update. (This is improving though!)
    4. The HTML Lexicon is set in American English. Requires extra interpretation by non-English authors.
    5. Being a Declarative Language, it has limited functional prowess compared to Functional Languages.

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    From my understanding, the web interface was developed to use HTML (
    Hypertext Markup Language) because at the time it wasn't possible to simulate a desktop style application in the browser such as how Silverlight and Flash work, because of bandwidth limitations, and possibly processing power.

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