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    Google Plus and Facebook Notes

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    you can use twitter, , google+, facebook, youtube, redit to drive more traffic to website. these are best social platform.

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    Social media sites that provide tarffic and backlinks which are twitter, youtube,linkedin, google+, Pinterst, Tumblr, Flickr and many more.

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    Twitter and Facebook will good for generating traffic on website

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    You can try Reddit social media, My experience say's to me Reddit is best social media platform.

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    Use, Reddit, and stumbleupon Its helps you to increase traffic on your website.

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    I usually use facebook to give traffic to the website. I feel a positive sign from it.

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    There are many social media website ex: Face book, Twitter, Instagram , You tube etc.

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    If you want to grow your business online, Social media can be the biggest source to get more traffic to your website.
    Now a days more businesses using social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

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