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    Default How to get more visitors to Our website?

    One of the most popular questions received by many of the webmaster forums is "How do I get more visitors to my site?"

    So What is your answer for this ?

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    Nice, Follow twiiter and facebook then get more visitors to my site.

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    Tips to get more visitors to your website :----
    1. Create Some Fantastic Content
    2. Open a Google Reader Account
    3. Create some Squidoo and Hubpages
    4. Comment on Relevant Blogs
    5. Add Posts to Forums

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    Bookmarking, forum posting and directories submission is best way for increasing traffic in short time.

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    Different people use different techniques. If you want to increase just visitor then you need social medial and social network. If you want to increase ranking in search engines you need link building and article submission and social media and press Release submission

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    Hello friends...!
    In my point of view forum posting,blog commenting,social bookmarking,article submission,video submission are the best way get more visitors to Our website...!

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    Promoting your sites to all the Social Media Stuff. Tell about the to your friends so they tell they'r friends and so on. Also visitors come from another blogs if you comment good on them. And the most important visitors come from SE searches, they quality visitors, because they come to your site from targeted KW.

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    Yeah all these things help a lot but in a technical not with flooding type thing. You will be have to serious while placing link in how much amount and where to put.

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    Social Media sites Facebook, Twitter, Ning
    classified Ads
    Blogs using Wordpress, Blogger

    These are best sources to get traffic.

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    By increasing presence on the search engines, you can get visitors to your website

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