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    I would like to share more about the changes in ip address, a person may do that by VPN, through VPN a person may change IP address. For that you may visit: However this website provides help you a lot in this matter.

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    You can contact your ISP and change the Ip-address ,you can also use proxies to change the ip-address,You can check the ip-address at here

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    Changing the IP used within the internal network won't do anything at all. The IP they've banned (if they use IP and not account & serial banning) is the one that your ISP has given to your router; and for most ISPs that link is remembered for hours.
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    try to use TCP optimizer to interchange of system ip addresses or better to install the Server operating systems in your computer.

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    Why u want to change your ip address? My suggestion is please do not change your ip address.

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    You can use the Proxy server to hide your original ip-address and show the fake ip-address.You can't change ip-address manually..Ip-address are provided by Internet service provider..If it's static ip-address means you cannot change.But Dynamic ip-address will change over.whenever you reset the modem a new ip-address will assign to you.To check the ip-address you can visit the site

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    If you want to change your ip you can contact your internet provider if you want you can use a proxy server which allows you to hide your real ip while surfing the internet but keep in mind that using a server proxy can slow down your connection.

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    As you said it by yourself, VPN is a great way to do that. There are also many proxies you can use without downloading or installing any software. They will also work on any OS because you can access them with your web browser. You just have to make they are trustworthy. You can find a lot of proxies just by searching for "proxy" on Google.

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    Everyone is talking about but the site not available now

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