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    You can search for google....

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    You can get some ideas from the online resources...

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    In the event that you have an element IP address, you can simply turn off your modem, hold up 30 seconds, and play Judas on for another IP address.

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    Hi here i list out the steps to be followed to change your ip address .They are
    1.Go to start--->run--->type cmd
    2.Type ipconfig /release
    3.Type ipconfig /renew
    This will automatically change your ip address if it is dynamic ip .Else if you have static ip then you must have to contact your ISP to change it.After changing your ip you can visit to find your present network ip address .

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    You can not change IP address of your computer, the network service provider will do this.

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    Use Zenmate to change IP...

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    Well, there are lots of VPN providers available and I think that you should compare their services. As for me the first choice is the best so I suggest you to try services....

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    have you ever tried HotSpot Shield ?? you know what when the youtube was banned in Pakistan , People used to use hotspot shield to change their ip addresses ...

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    There are different ways of changing your IP address. Few of those are free methods but I think the best way is to use private proxy. It is the easiest and most effective way of changing IP address. Blazing proxy is a good option for changing IP.
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    Contact your Internet operator, he can better guide you for your problem.

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