In today's society there are certain terms which will illicit some sort of reaction from every individual. To falsely name someone one of these terms, such as child abuser, could cause irreparable damage to that person’s life. Yet, certain members of a Usenet group commonly referred to as Nanae have attempted to tag Andrew Stephens of IBT, Inc. as a child abuser across the internet. For several months, Nanae members have been attacking Andrew Stephens with claims that he is a criminal spammer.

These attacks have included SBL’s on any website they believe to be connected to him, keyword attacks linking his name with spammer and criminal, and sending inappropriate emails to his clients. After realizing that the attacks on his professional life have not wielded the results they were looking for, Rune Persson and other Nanae members have decided to strike below the belt by accusing Mr. Stephens of being a child abuser.

These personal attacks began after Rune Persson and the various Nanae members discovered that Andrew Stephens is involved in a custody battle over his oldest son. This attack has been designed to damage Andrew on a very personal level. Nanae has now reached the point where a third party observer can only wonder what these attacks have to do with email in the least little bit.

It is one thing for an anti-spammer to professionally attack someone they believe to be a spammer. It is an entirely different situation to make claims that this person is a child abuser in the hopes of breaking them down personally and damaging his possibilities of doing what is best for his children.

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