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    Default What SEO guidelines do you follow?

    In this blog, recently I read several SEO tips. Since I wanted to get my site quickly indexed and get great PR, I thought of implementing it. I should install WordPress and plugins is what was suggested to me. Signing up for submitting my site on social websites is the next step that was suggested. Creating an article and posting it in article directories is what was also recommended. Making an account with social networking sites like digg, stumbleupon and zeddit is another good option. Having a title with competitive keywords is also a great option. Do you follow any of these tips?

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    Of course. These are quite common off-page techniques. They are practically a must do.

    I should install WordPress and plugins is what was suggested to me.
    Yeah, this applies only in case you want to build your website in WordPress. You need to do this before building it. But from what you have written, I understand that you already have it and just need to index it and do the rest of the stuff...

    Having a title with competitive keywords is also a great option
    It can be a great option, but it depends on the niche. In case your keywords are highly competitive, you will have almost no chance to rank on the first (or even first three) result pages. Sometimes it can help if you start with less competitive ones (a key phrase or some sort of combination of synonyms) at least until you get noticed, gain popularity and some sort of reputation.

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    Yes, all valid stuff... but it also depends what you wanted to achieve in the first place - if it's traffic you are looking for, you can also use blog commenting and twitter to get a following on both your own site, FB and other social sites. If it's rankings you are looking for, you need to work on your link building.

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    Its depends on the need. What exactly i want to be on top!

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    In Simple Words it depends on the need. but not violating any of them

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    The SEO guidelines depends on the need. It can be differ from prospects or aim of the site.

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    dofollow quality backlinks, content and social.

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    There are lot of other things you should know for better ranking like Link Building.

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