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    I'm definitely a "water-boy"

    Baltic sea coast it is for me....beautiful and refreshing!
    There is something about the sea that set's your priorities straight again...


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    Singapore is my favorite destination to spend summer.

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    Hill station is very is nice for summer time and I choose Northern part of India for my summer vacation.

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    My favourite summer destination is Malaysia.

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    Summer is the time when you need to feel cool and relaxed. You can easily visit a tropical destination and for this you need to fly from LGA.
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    I live in NYC as well as have the summer off. My boyfriend as well as I would like to travel to a tropical destination.
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    It is a fact that I along with my boyfriend would love to pay a visit to tropical destination. The fact that I reside in NYC and have summer off is one of the other reasons behind such an idea.
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    I live in New York City, as well as a summer off. My boyfriend and I want to go to a tropical destination.

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    kashmir is the best place

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