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    Default What's your favorite Summer Destination?

    First on my List:

    >Asian Countries

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    My favourite destination in summer is the place which is on middle of the sea.

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    I think the best summer vacation palce is near hills and sea.

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    Shimla is my favorite summer destination and it is situated in India.

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    Jaipur-Pink City is my best summer designations.

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    My favourite summer destination id Jammu and Kashmir. Because it is the best destination of summer due to cool atmosphere. There are lots of places to travel there.

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    Where can i fly inexspensively from NYC for a tropical summer destination?

    I live in NYC and have the summer off. My boyfriend and I would like to travel to a tropical destination. We would like to fly from LGA or JFK. We can go anytime in late July/ early August. Where are flights cheap to? I want to spend less than 500 for 2 round trip tickets.

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    Travelling is great way to get relax and refresh. In summer climate is hot and sunny. So People like to go for travel in this season. My favourite summer destination are Switzerland, Canada, London, simla and so on.
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    I think many indian places like Kashmir, Shimla and Darjiling are the best places for summer travel and few other are Switzerland and Thailand are also fine.

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