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    My favorite places in Mumbai and Kerala. I like these two places so much.

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    Southeast Asian countries are full of exquisite beaches and landscapes. I personally love going to Thailand and Japan.

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    VietNam and Thailand is a good idea. They are the beautiful and amazing countries

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    The beach or the mountains? Or maybe even your own backyard? Members of our corporate advisory board share their favorite summer vacation spots.

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    Nha Trang, Vietnam. Great beach for summer

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    Best Summer holiday place is Switzerland. This is the place that you can enjoy your best days of life. Switzerland is most popular for its beautiful nature. I want to tell you that you have to go in switzerland once in your life.
    But if you belongs the India then you have to visit Manali, Kashmir, Goa, Kerala.

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    South East of Asia could be a good choice, vietnam , laos, cambodia and or myanmar along with thailand.

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    Munnar is one of my favourite summer destinations.

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    My favorite summer destination is Tampa Florida is situated in the US.

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