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    Default Free mass ping service. Ping Farm will mass ping all your links.

    Mass pinging your backlinks will help them get indexed faster. Ping Farm is the top rated mass ping site in the world. Mass ping all of your backlinks.

    Don't know what pinging is or does exactly? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

    What is Pinging?
    - Pinging is the action of hitting a certain set of servers in order to get your newly created website, website pages, or backlinks discovered by the search engines quicker than just waiting for them to find you on their own which could take a couple weeks.

    Why Ping My URL's?
    - Pinging your URLs will let the Search Engines know you've updated content on your site, created new pages, or made some new backlinks. Search Engines like sites that update their pages or have backlinks. You can gain a massive amount of traffic by doing this over time.

    What Is PingFarm
    - Ping Farm is the very best mass ping site in the world! Ping Farm helps send out millions of pings each day so that webmasters can get their sites reindexed or get their backlinks found quicker so they get higher Search engine rankings.

    Higher Search Engine Rankings = More Traffic

    More Traffic = More sales or readers

    How much does PingFarm cost?
    - PingFarm is FREE! PingFarm doesn't charge you anything to ping your pages and/or backlinks. Use the service everday, once a week, or once a month. Everytime you create new backlinks you should ping them using PingFarm in order to get higher rankings!

    You can copy/paste a list of URLs into the pinging field or upload a .txt file and mass ping all your URLs for higher Search Engine rankings.

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    It has already pinged more than 800,000 sites !

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    Sure, I will try it out. I would like to see how soon my site gets indexed..


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    So, did your site got indexed by using this service ?
    I'm sure your answer would be yes, so please share it here

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    Great tool. There are many others as well. I will try with this one..


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    Uptimerobot is nice too!

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    Pingomatic is a great tool also.

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    using Pingomatic as well. is nice.,

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