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    Question Whats a good laptop for recording gameplay with a hauppauge hd pvr?

    I would use it to record xbox 360 gameplay with the hauppauge hd pvr. I need one that i could buy from a store like jb hi fi, for $400 - $800. No crap brands like hp and compaq please!

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    As far as I am concern with my technical knowledge I would like to say that SONY is the better option for you to play a high resolution games like play station 2 and XBOX 360. SONY have an excellent features like HD TECHNOLOGY and resolution of the technology have been exceptionally well as compare to other company.

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    It would be better to get a computer tower for that but if you must use a laptop then any kind would be fine as long as it has a 64 bit OS processor and has a lot of memory space

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    That is more than enough to record the Games to play back versions.

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