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    Default Server Hardening .com domain available

    "Server Hardening" is a well understood common phrase used within the hosting and general tech communities which refers to increasing server security through a variety of means. A hardened server is a more secure server.

    The domain name is available for acquisition. Google reports: 9,900 global & 2,900 local monthly searches on the search keyword phrase "server hardening." Additionally, there are 2,160,000 search results without quotes and 159,000 results when quotes surround the search phrase. Many tech, web hosting and security companies provide "server hardening" services... the domain would help any company in this line of business stand out uniquely above the rest in promoting their server hardening products/services.

    Visit the Server Hardening website for additional information regarding this topic.

    If you're interested in this domain, feel free to contact me with your offer via private message or send an email to

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    Good information for the needy.

    As of now iam not looking for a new domain name but it will surely help the one searching for it.

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