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    Default Re: What about "Unlimited" hosting?

    Dude if you ever see a offer with Unlimited Webhost dont go for it never ever even if its a penny you"ll just lose more then ever one time i went with one lost money becuase had clients and my site went down had to refund them all twice which really suck no such thing as unlimited space

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    Default Re: What about "Unlimited" hosting?

    i suggest you not to go for that you always will have some problems

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    At the end of the day, you can never have unlimited space, because space is a physical thing and if you used 100TB^9999999999999999999 That would fill any hosts servers so when they say unlimted I have to question the stability of the host.

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    Default Re: What about "Unlimited" hosting?

    i think wath ath is pure crap !!!
    the can give you like 10g as max space... i was onevictim of tath

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    Default Re: What about "Unlimited" hosting?

    thats just overselling i.e they know we will never reach those limits and if we even they suspedn us saying " Our algorithms have found that you were violating the TOS" and tht sucks!

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    Default Re: What about "Unlimited" hosting?

    hahah, this one is strange, just imagine the "unlimited" hosting provider with 50subscribers all uploadin their hard disks online.... the server would get clusmy and way to soon be down

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    I think for first few month they will provide you unlimited space and bandwidth.After that they start charging you,because they to pay for the servers and no one in this world provide quality service for free.

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    I have heard that unlimited hosting has some problems with it. If you really need unlimited hosting I think you should just host your own site using an old or spare pc.

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    You must go through their reviews section and check about their services unlimited plan you will get better idea about their services and support

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    The Unlimited Web Hosting includes the customization sub domains of the company’s website and does not look upon the rest of the plagues of the website development process.These hosting services connect the web servers to the internet and thus provide very powerful connections, while enabling many users to access the web pages at the same time for the Unlimited Hosting services.Web host can also provide the data space center as well as provides the internet connectivity to their users to make their website accessible by others too.

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