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    Default web hosting and security

    Do web hosting companies provide security to save a site from hackers?

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    Yes, Web Hosting providers take necessary measures to avoid their severs from getting hacked. But its always recommended to have strong FTP, Control panel and Root passwords to avoid your account from getting hacked. :: Cheap Reseller Hosting | Cloud Servers | Fully Managed Dedicated Server
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    Precautionary measures to prevent hacking are taken by almost all web hosting companies. These measures include installation of software firewalls, anti-viruses, disabling of vulnerable contents and modules etc
    To avoid hacking it is always better to keep changing your passwords, and using a password having a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

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    Webhosts have to do this in order to stop their own systems, and of course customer websites, from being compromised.
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    As of me the web hosting companies provide solid security to its customers. They configure your firewall setting properly to prevent unauthorized access.

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    hosting is necessary for the companies in ensuring security for the customers.

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    No idea but you can buy the linx server hosting safe your site to virus and hope so hackers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeoDezin View Post
    Do web hosting companies provide security to save a site
    from hackers?
    They provide only overall securities, If you use CMS like WordPress, blogger then you should take necessary action to safe from hackers.

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