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    Its a sure way to increase value of a website, aside from learning something from other blogs as well.

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    It is supposed to be one of the important activities especially when it comes to links building in off-page optimization. The fact is we should not forget the way how we should do it in the best manner. High PR and relevant to domain blogs should be the target for blog commenting.

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    Your writing skills should be good for effective blog commenting, you shouldn't put link in comment so that it would be approved easily.

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    To get more approvals make sure that the comments are long enough and relevant to the topic to ensure that the blogger approves them. Yes, we do need to put out link and the blogger would welcome that if you appreciate their hard work and research.
    This would also ensure that your time spent is effective and qualitative.

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    It also increases the relationship between two bloggers. after all SMO totally lies on give and take policy
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    Blog commenting is one of the technique which helps to get meaningful knowledge. And it also helps to get backlinks to our website.

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    I think a lot of time people forget about writing good content when leaving a post/comment/message with a link. I know if I were moderating blogs and I wanted to make sure my blog did well and cared about my readers, I would follow up on every comment and make sure that what is being said is relevant to the blog and to the readers. If it is no use to my readers why would I accept the comment?

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    Commenting is best way to create backlinks but it takes lot of time so you should choose any other method. I recommend you to create backlinks using Directory Submission.

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    its right now going to spam by google. but you can make some good link on trusted and relevant your website. so dont make spam comment go with relevant post

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    blog commenting is easy way to get backlink. but if you not take seriously may be your site go spam. because of unrelated blog commenting.

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