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    There are a large number of domains, or data stored on my hard drive storage is not endless, I do not agree.

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    Domain name warehousing is the current practice of recorders getting the administration of domain names.

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    Choosing the right name register doesn't just involve price,features and security-ethics issue may also be a consideration.

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    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your post, nice to see that.

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    Domain's expiry date and time are easily measured based on the expiry time frame in the who is and the payoff process.

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    This one is grate post and new things here.

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    Domain Registrars like GoDaddy and other provide services to register your domain and they earn profits.
    So Basically they provide a store or a warehouse for your domain, Its called Domain name warehousing.

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    Domain name warehousing is the practice of registrars obtaining control of expired domain names already under their management, with the intent to hold or “warehouse” names for their own use and/or profit.

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    there are lots of domain name warehousing. For example, we are also a order fulfillment services provider company in India and our services for eCommerce, vendors, manufacture, brands and we also provide services for warehousing and inventory. You can visit for more ideas

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