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Thread: Blog Flipping

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    Default Blog Flipping

    What is Blog Flipping?

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    In blog filliping you can sell your blog 20 times the current price of your blog.There are sites that do such business.

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    If you’re interested in website flipping (building a website and then selling it for profit) selling blogs is a great way to go. There’s a market for blogs out there on popular niche subjects and it’s quick and easy to put a blog together, even if you aren’t highly technical!

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    A blog site is purchased value is added and then sold it on higher price. it is like that real estate marketing.

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    Blog flipping is simply the creation of a new blog with the intention of selling it. One of the advantages of this form of making money online is that you are not risking as much of your capital resources.

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    I am also waiting the answer of that question.

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    Blog flipping is fairly new trend to sell a blog with purpose of gaining as twice as its actual price. Once the blog was purchased and added it's value and it will be sold out at good price

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    Blog flopping is new topic for me.

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    It just means that you sell your blog. Some people create blogs, get PR up with the intent of eventually selling it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingbob View Post
    It just means that you sell your blog. Some people create blogs, get PR up with the intent of eventually selling it.
    good one. thanks for that.

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