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  1. Default High Visibility II Bullet and Stab Proof Vest w/ Front Zip

    Presenting one of the highest quality NIJ Level II / UK HG1 made vests in the world. The High Visibility kevlar bullet proof vest has been worked on by the USA NIJ and UK HOSDB together for a solution for the UK Government. It had a 2 year 'wear and test' in the UK, USA and Australia. Subsequently both the UK and Australian Police contracted this vest in, with many high budget USA law enforces purchasing it too.

    The body armour panels on this kevlar vest have been quality checked by an armour specialist, and have been deamed re-usable.

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    i know this is very good.....

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    i realy searched for it and i got many things realated to this

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    Well done man.

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    good Well done man.

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    Hi, You have created very good stuff for the security personal. Thanks for it.

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