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    1. It is pretty simple!
    No matter how hard the businesses do advertising their business, it is meaningless without business. The content that should be readable and bring much fun can become readable content. Following are some tips that will help to make good content.

    2. SEO friendly Content:
    On the internet, there are so many ways the content is published. From blog, articles social media and many others. Good content means not only human readable but also it must be machine readable. Your content that includes keywords would be effective for the search engine.

    3. Original:
    Content is King! Everyone wants stand top of the world and for that originality is important. While so many pass the responsibility of their SEO work, don’t forget to be unique. That gives much more.

    4. Understandable:
    Many businesses use high language as a professional that is not understandable to all. No one wants to read the content that is not easily understandable. That will not okay for the good content.

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    Content that real and truth, readers able to understand and look in depth with the content explanation. Readers understand the point that bring out by the blogs. comfortable area

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    There are 5 Criteria of Good Content:
    1) Searchability
    2) Readability
    3) Comprehensibility and Added Value
    4) Action Orientation
    5) Recommendation

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    1. Searchability
    2. Readability
    3. Comprehensibility and added value
    4. Action orientation

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    The main criteria for a good content is the content must be unique and must be up to the expectation of the user.

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