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    Default which is best window?

    window 7 or window xp
    i prefer to window xp

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    For me it has always been Windows XP which in most cases most people prefer windows 7

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    I think I have learnt most things on XP so it is still my favourite, however I do like a lot of the functionality Windows 7 has to offer too.

    Interesting you haven't asked what people think of Vista...

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    Initially i was using Windows XP and now i am using Wiindows 7 64 bit, it have many plus points but i am facing many difficulties while downloading any software and most importantly i cant install SQL software so now i have partitioned my system and use both the operating systems.

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    Currently I’m using windows 7 its rally easier than windows xp, I hope windows 7 is the best.

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    i used several types of windows but i found windowsXP better.

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    I think, Windows 7 is one of the successful operating system that is released after the windows XP and is being used now. Windows 7 has lots of graphical components implemented and it can also be said as the most attractive operating system of the Microsoft. Even though the windows 7 is not a open source operating system people always prefer windows 7 because of the reliability factor.
    so that's why Winndow 7 is best to anyone.

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    I believe that Win7 will prove as a new WinXP, a WinXP of current decade, but we will see. I'm currently trying out Win7 and I'm very pleased with options and good stuff that they implemented in this OS.

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    One and only Windows XP is worlds best and awesome operating system that i ever used
    i love to use its every feature

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    In latest version of windows, windows 7 is best, regarding options, graphical layout windows 7 is best than any other latest version of windows, I'm also using windows 7, I'm enjoying to operate this version of windows.

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