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    Default Unix or Windows Hosting?

    I am trying to decide between hosting packages, both Unix and Windows based. It is for a small business website, ecommerce required and I will be using Wordpress. I am not tech savvy (although I can read instructions and can do the occasional cut and paste), so high emphasis is on "ease of use". That said, I will be avoiding Frontpage, for example. I currently use XP and really have no Unix experience, so...

    Unix or Win hosting?

    Does it matter what OS I currently use? Is the control panel so intuitive it dfoesnt matter and most scripts auto-installed?

    Please advise...and sorry for the dumb question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lafiter View Post
    Unix or Win hosting?
    Unix or Windows have auto scripts installation. My suggestion for beginner you should go for Unix it's more easier then Windows.

    You can upload/download your file to web server using your local Win XP PC.
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    Thanks might give it a try and see how active and responsive the community is additionally do you offer signatures?

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    thanks for sharing with us and hopping more from you.

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    If you are looking to start a E-commerce and Wordpress website, then I will suggest you to opt for Unix Hosting plan rather than Windows. Control panel compatible with Unix is cPanel and with Windows is Plesk or DotNet Panel (DNP). Auto-installers like Fantastico, Softaculous or Installatron isn't compatible with Plesk or DNP. It can be installed easily in cPanel.

    You can install various E-commerce or CMS applications from those auto-installers in Linux whereas in Windows, they have to be installed manually. :: Cheap Reseller Hosting | Cloud Servers | Fully Managed Dedicated Server
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    Both are stable, but I prefer Linux more

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    Windows is much more easy to deal with.

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    Unix or Windows have auto scripts installation.However, unix to be more secure.Health Articles

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    Post Re:

    If you only have a site using HTML, then you can go with either unix or windows. You may find a better deal with Unix. If you are using special technology to drive your site, then you may prefer one platform over another
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