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    Keyword can be describe on three types Broad Match, Exact Match & Long tail keywords. Except for these types there are no major keyword types.

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    Keywords are the search terms used to find your website in search engines. They are selected using Google keyword planner to rank websites higher in search results. They are implemented on the website meta tags and content to help increase the visibility of your domain in search engines. There are various types of keywords such as:

    Short keywords
    Long tail keywords
    Primary keywords
    Secondary keywords
    Keyword phrases

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    Keyword Types
    1. Short Tail Keywords
    2. Long Tail Keywords

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    • Broad Match. Broad match keywords are the ones that enable you to reach the widest audience possible.
    • Exact Match. Exact match keywords are the diametric opposite of broad keywords.
    • Phrase match.Phrase match keywords lie somewhere in between the two other types of keyword matches.

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    Keywords are the most important for Digital marketing purpose. It maybe for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) i.e; Google ads
    In SEO there are 3 variants of keywords: Generic Keywords, Broad Match keywords and Long tail keywords.
    And moving for SEM, here also there are 3 types: Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match

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    These are the types of keywords.
    Short tail.
    Long tail.
    medium tail.

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    In SEO, there are 3 types keywords. They are,
    1. Broad match
    2. Exact match
    3. Phrase match

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    These are the Long Tail Keywords with more information your Search Term.

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    Broad Match Keyword
    Exact Match Keyword
    Long Tail Keyword
    Short Tail Keyword
    Generic Keyword

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