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  1. Default Which is best programming language for start programming?

    Hi Friendz, plz tell me this answer

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    There are lot of programming languages for different purposes. First, you have to analyze that for what purpose and which language best suites your needs. And keep an eye on the updated version also of that language so that you can maximize features use.

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    I would start with C then work your way up.
    At first it will be completely confusing and make no sense, but stick with it and converting that knowledge into PHP, ASP or other languages won't take long at all

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    C,C++ is the best.

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    Many language available in this time, u can start with php...

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    I would like to suggest to you PHP , you can start with this language because its easy and flexible language.

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    Thanks to all for replying me.

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    For starting programming languages you should start with HTML. After that you can easily learn PHP.
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    The best way to learn Programming HTML,CSS,PHP that are useful.

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    I also agree. Knowledge comes with experience

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