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    Generally to start careers in programming language, there is necessary to learn 'C','C++' programming language. After that decided which programming language is really good for work it. All the programming language is good but identify which trends are now available in the market.

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    Start with basics , for front end go with html,css then follow your interest.
    For backend start with c++,c.

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    Just go with basic. You need to start with C and C++. When you will make fluency in these then you can easy proceed for, php.

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    Start with basic HTML and JavaScript and then have a look at basic programming concepts with c and c++.

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    Java, Javascript, Python these are best programming language for start programming.

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    If you want to do web development, you definitely ought to start with HTML and CSS, then move to Javascript, and one of its frameworks Angular or React. With that, you are covered on the front-end part.

    If you want to do back-end you should probably choose between Java and C++, when you fully grasp one you will be able to comprehend the other, and practically any other object-oriented language.

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    Yes, you are right.

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    C, HTML, CSS, jQuery, are basic programming language to start learn coding.

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    Depending on what it is you want to make or do, your choice might already be made up for you. To build a website or web app, for example, you should learn HTML and CSS, along with JavaScript and perhaps PHP for interactivity. If your focus is mostly/only on building a mobile app, then you can dive right into learning Objective-C for iOS apps or how to program with Java for Android (and other things).

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