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    It matters in seo if it is too long, not contain main keywords or brand names and it is hyphenated or contain numerals that difficult to understand what about the domain for.

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    I am new member in this forum. I like this.

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    I would choose Brand name over a long domain name, because it won't be look messy to read and as well as prevention to Google EMD update.

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    I have read a lot about how Google considers dashes in the domain name and most of the people have said that it's being considered as a Spam domain name if you have more than 1 dashes in the domain name. Second thing, people are not used to remember dashes in the URL (same as they used to not remember .net and just hit the domain name with .com) Therefore, if you plan to make a brand and want your domain name to be well-known between your target audience then it's recommended to avoid dashes (and numbers too) in the domain name.

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    Search engines use different ranking factors and signals to evaluate the quality of a domain name. Formerly, keywords in domain were a major ranking factor and thus, search engines used to give very high weightage to websites with keyword rich domain names. Then, exact match domains (EMDs) used to perform much better than other domain names.

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    Domain name will help you to rank fast in SE

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    According to 200 SEO factors, It is one of the mandatory factor to have keyword in your URL. It gives Additional boost to your ranking for that keyword.

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    It's really very important things for seo
    because google 1st try Exact match keyword than move phrase match and other kw so i think it's really very important for ranking in Google.

    Thank you

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    Domain name is the thing that represents your business and brand. Nowadays almost everyone relies on the brand, therefore choosing a great domain name, which is easy to remember and also appropriate for your niche, would have a big impact on your business growth. You may include some keywords in your domain name, or you may use only your brand.
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    using seo work and good backlink you can also gain top in google

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