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    thanks for the post

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    Dedicated server would be less expensive if you have high data transfer usage utilization site. Otherwise reasoning would work out less expensive.

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    A dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. For example, some networks require that one computer be set aside to manage communications between all the other computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.N.Smith View Post
    Say I had a site that was getting unique 50,000 hits per day but only for about 2 weeks every 4 months and the rest of the time it would average at 20,000 per day. The site deals with a large amount of payment transactions via Paypal and Google Checkout but we don't handle any credit cards ourselves. A large number of hits to the database for generating a row for 10,000 users per day for those 2 weeks while the rest of the time the database would get very few hits. There would be large amounts of downloads of a specific set of files with each user downloading on average 300mb each.

    I think I have enough details, If more are required please ask.

    My question is, would it be better to go the route of cloud hosting or purchase a few dedicated servers?
    I've thought mostly on using Amazon AWS with S3 to host the files, EC2 with load balancers for multiple web servers connected to Amazon RDS for the database, my fear is though that with the server being on 24/7 we will run up very high costs compared to if we were to purchase the servers ourselves.

    Any insight is helpful, Thanks in advance!

    Ps, If this in the wrong section I would appreciate if someone could move to the correct board.
    Dedicated server will be best according to me. As dedicated servers provide you with hosting on a server fully committed to your business needs and yours alone. This gives you the freedom of utilizing your server the way you prefer, not forgetting that memory, speed, bandwidth and other web resources are at your convenience and advantage.

    Go for dedicated server

    We have plans starting from $59 in US and $79 in Netherlands.

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    Dedicated server would be less expensive if you have high data transfer useage utilization site. Otherwise cloud would work out less expensive.

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    If you are really looking to maintain or host large high traffic website then dedicated severs are great. It mostly benefits large business and organisations that require high levels of data security. Most small and medium size businesses find that cloud servers meet their requirements.

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    dedicated hosting is best hosting for high traffic .This Server Capable to Handle High Visitor Load,And Speed Was very good As compare to other can also try to do SEO also for more traffic and lead.
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    Godaddy and Bigrock both has good server uptime, 24/7 monitoring and advance cooling and fire protection systems.

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