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    Softaculous very friendly with user.

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    What would you choose Softaculous vs Fantastico?
    I have use Softaculous for many years. Its easy to used, simple, and have been integrated with many hosting control panel.

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    Softaculous is a perfect option

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    Softaculous is the best option for me and it was very easy to use .

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    softaculous is user friendly it is best option

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    that would be with a AMD Athlon II Dual-Core 2.3GHz Processor,

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    I will suggest Fantastico. It is better than Softaculous, because fantastico scripts are exicuted from the administration area of a website control panel. More than 650 applications associated with fantastico.
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    Softaculous is beeter then Fanrastio. Because of softaculous offers Java, Pearl, Php and many more whereas Fantasitico offer only Php Scripts.

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