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    Default what would you choose?

    What would you choose Softaculous vs Fantastico?

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    Softaculous is a perfect option

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    I will suggest Softaculous. Its better than Fantastico because Softaculous has more applications than Fantastico or Installatron. Softaculous has 250 auto-Installer scripts and the number will increase in future. Whereas Fantastico ahas comparatively less number of auto-Installer scripts when compared to Softaculous. :: Cheap Reseller Hosting | Cloud Servers | Fully Managed Dedicated Server
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    Keep sharing such posts in future too please.

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    Softaculous for sure as compared to Fantastico it has more scripts. Softaculous is an amazing part of cPanel control panel. It integrates with cPanel and gives the ability to automatically install a variety of open source scripts.

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    who know what they want from there servers, but I think every shared hosting should have this one installed. Other all thumbs up for this plugin.

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    I would you like to thankful to you.

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    I think most web software is easier to install without these automatic scripts..

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    Softaculous is more appreciated and developing quicker and powerful.

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    Softaculous is very eligible and also user friendly.

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