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    Default PC Won't Boot-HELP!!!

    Hi everyone, yeah its me. I'm back again. I need help with some computers that won't boot.

    I am fixing up a couple of computers for a friend. They both seem to have the same problem. I push the power button and it turns on. I can hear the fans turning. But I don't get any display. The monitor stays on standby and the computer keeps running. I can hold the power button and the computer shuts down in 7 seconds(so it is booting past the BIOS, but I just can't see anything) Do you think they both have bad video cards? or is this something else like a hardware incompatibility?


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    Do you check their RAMs?

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    It might be bad checksum or dead cards or dead cpu or dead ram. You need to flash bios and then check out these things one by one.

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    I think you need to Upgrade your BIOS software to solve this issue.

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    what is the model of your computer and brand.

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