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    Default connecting computer to router

    when connecting a computer to a router (its a wireless router but the computer is wired) should I use a crossover cable or a straight through cable? I have read online and they say to use a crossover cable but some of those posts were for Win ME. Has anything changed?

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    Dont think it matters much which win it was. What matters is your lan card. Crossover allows you higher speeds but may have issues on cards that are limited to 10 gbps

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    Just do the Network Setup Wizard in your Operating system to solve this.

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    it is very simple jusy joint LAN wire of your pc with router's LAN port also you can use wireless networking through wireless modem

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    Computer networking course solved this problem. Computer course is an innovative education initiative that aims to create a pool of trained computer networking specialists, hardware, and software and improve career and economic opportunities worldwide.

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    Turn on the computer. If you are using a computer running Windows XP, right-click "My Network Places." Right-click the "Wireless Network Connection" icon. Select the SSID (router name) of the wireless network you wish to connect to, and click "Connect." Enter the network password (WEP or WPA key) into the "network key" field, and click "OK." Windows will notify you when the computer establishes a connection with the router.

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    Plug in the router to the cable modem, it goes in the 'internet' or 'WAN' dock. Then attach your laptop to the router in any other port or attach wirelessly.

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    Connect with router support team.

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    Do you have a wireless in your computer? If not, then you will need to buy one. Its real cheap at Walmart. Then when finished installing, (read the directions on the paper on installation) boot up your computer. Then your computer should install the CD or does it automatically. If you don't want to go wireless, then the other way you can do is get the Ethernet cord and plug that to your Ethernet on the computer and plug it in the second port on the router. The first port should always be your main internet coming in.

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