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  1. Default Best Places in India ?

    Please Tell me the best Place in india for tour and Travel ?

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    There are lots of best places like:
    Kashmir, Kerla and many more.

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    In India you would find a plethora of things to visit and appreciate. All of them are remarkable and you must know the best ways to visit those places.

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    India is such wonderful country where you can find a huge amount of changes in the culture. India is a country where you can find the highest amount of people who are belonging different different religions.I think that Kashmir, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa.

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    Bombay which famous as films is worth visiting,a coastal city with beautiful scenery

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    Orissa is the best place to pay a visit to. Orissa is located to the eastern state of Orissa. Truly, Orissa is the best tourist destination places in India.

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    In this country, Orissa is the most important. It is located in the eastern state of India. Orissa, the history of the land, it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India
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    Goa is one of the most outstanding places in India. It has some of the outstanding places and beaches which attract peoples and that are the reason tourist visit every year in a huge numbers. If you are visiting there so you must see these places like Panaji, Vasco-da-Gama, Margao, Mapusa, Velha Goa, Beaches and Churches.

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