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    How i can get Yahoo Ranking ?

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    Do Internet marketing like SEO, SMO and PPC, not only in yahoo but also you can get ranking in google, bing.

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    Scoring for Yahoo SEPRs works in a very similar way to Google - many of the on-page optimsation techniques are the same. I would recommend starting by registering with Yahoo webmaster tools (just as you would with google) and submitting a sitemap to them so they can check for / fix any errors and problems that might come up as a result.

    From an on-page perspective I would start thinking about a few things, including:

    Page content (text and images)
    Relevant information
    Keyword use on the page (but not saturation)
    Image optimisation
    Navigation structure
    User friendliness
    Amount of code used to create the site
    URL structure
    Domain name
    Responsive web design (is it mobile friendly)
    Meta, title and description information

    Hope this all makes sense and is useful!

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