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    Default how to select domain??

    hey friends, i want to register a domain... so i am confuse .. please tell me how to select a good domain???
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    Select your main keyword as your domain in .com extension or the extension you want. It will help to get your site on ranking quick.

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    There are too many methods to buy domain online you can search on google

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    Have you done SEO already? Base the keyword around that. Either pick a catchy domain that is easily remembered or go the safe route and pick the main keyword as your domain name.

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    Picking up a good dot com is hard now a days, so you need to be patient and take your time looking.
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    I think you should look forword to domainr or no-ip website for domain searching. By the way you shold focus on keyword to search a good domain

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    Which subjects matter when i want to purchase an expired domain?????

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    For a Domain Selecting, Just go to any domain website Like Godaddy or Hostgater. Just Create a Account , go to Seach Menu, then search name what you want Domain, Domain Should be Focus
    keywords. Finally, Select the domain.

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    • Point to select domain:
    • Choose a unique name. If you are marketing yourself, ideally you'll be able to use your first and last names ( or
    • Brainstorm.
    • Make it easy to type.
    • Choose “.com” first.
    • Make it brandable.
    • Shorter is always better.
    • Avoid trademark problems.
    • No numbers or hyphens.

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    Select your principle watchword as your space in .com expansion or the augmentation you need. It will get your site on positioning speedy.

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