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    There are too many methods to buy domain online you can search on google
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    Choose SEO Friendly URLs. It will improve organic traffic from Search Engines.

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    Go to godaddy dot com and choose a domain at low price.

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    Sometimes Reading great peoples like you, gives good knowledge. Thanks to all!

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    Pic Up a dotcom Domain that includes Your main Keywords, It can help you rank Your Website fast and your pages can rank gud in Search Engines.

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    There are too many methods Select your main keyword as your domain in .com on a particular topic and after then you will get better
    ranking on seo your website

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquariusmediaa91 View Post
    hey friends, i want to register a domain... so i am confuse .. please tell me how to select a good domain???
    it's not about a good domain or note try to make it .com that for first thing second try to add some keywords on the links and when you create it in the content of your website make a real articles and index in to increase the DA of your website and you should read about SEO a little
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    10 step for select domain name

    1. Make it easy to type

    2. Keep it short

    3. Use keywords

    4. Target your area

    5. Avoid numbers and hyphens

    6. Be memorable

    7. Research it

    8. Use an appropriate domain name extension

    9. Protect and build your brand

    10. Act fast

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    Go to godaddy dot com and choose a domain at low price.

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    Selecting domain name is not that much easy:
    The domain name must be memorable
    Use broad keywords for that
    Dont use hyphens inbetween the name
    Avoid non-com top level domains(TLDs)

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