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    Default Which is the best anti virus?

    Advice Please

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    I think Norton is good in all cases but not the best as It takes much space.Try kaspersky.

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    Always best Avira. Which often completely free of protection your PC at any Circumstances and it boot up speed is better than others compared with other free source anti virus package.

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    I use Avira too, but only on one system. The best protection is to always update your system, browsers etc. and not execute any files before scanning them on
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    I am using Avast. It is best anti virus software. I think I have had avast installed on this computer for a very long time now and I have to say that I haven't got a virus on this computer yet. Its working great.

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    Free website hosts are good for many things, but for hosting a business website, you cannot beat professional paid web hosting for reliability, service, and support

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    There are different antivirus softwares available in the market........... But I like to prefer Microsoft security essential........ It is good and better than other antivirus softwares.

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    i think Norton is best antivirus

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    I agree with those who recommended Avira because I use it personally on my PC since 2010 and it gives a good response. There are no viruses in my PC since I installed so that is why I recommend this for all to should install on your PC too.

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    my vote for Avast 7.0 internet security, the anti-virus application gives more protection to our machines. and it perform automatically updates and program patches by internet. the total package gives much powerful to your computer while browsing also.

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