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    Default Should women help in finance to her husband?

    Should women help in finance to her husband?

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    Yes why not? Why you ask these question ??

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    Obviously and now a days most of the women are working and highly paid than their husbands. I think all most all the house hold expenditure will be carried out through women income and their husband's will be in the form of investing and savings.

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    Yes offcourse, Infact I Do !!

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    Yes of course. Nowadays, women are working and some have a bigger salary than their husband.

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    In successful relationships, there is a balance between masculine and feminine. Masculine being "The provider" and feminine being "supportive, receptive, and nurturing". It doesn't have to do with gender, but with how a person is wired. Hope this helps.

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    Yes offcourse. You should do it

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