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    Default Speed it important

    With so many websites coming up, it is essential that your website has high speed and doesn't take too much time to load.
    Also, Google now considers page load time as parts of its ranking algorithm, this makes higher speed important.

    Try to optimize code, cache content and if needed, also consider using a Content Delivery Network solution.

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    I think reducing the load when opening a website can be done by reducing the number of images that appear on website. But most developers prefer the attractive appearance with image.

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    you can check your website loading time in Google page speed insight website .There you can get the solutions of reducing loading time

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    Page load speed is also a factor in SEO, your page load speed should be very fast.
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    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
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    Website loading time is an important factors in the SEO also this will attract the more visitors to your site..

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    Yes page loading speed is important as part of SEO.

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    Very nice information about Speed to open the Website.
    This is most important according to SEO.

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    1. Optimize Images. Use WebP and the Original Image Optimize if possible.
    2. Lazy Load Images
    3. Optimize CSS and JS and Combine them.
    4. Defer or Async JS and CSS.
    5. Cache Page at Server Side.
    6. Cache in Memory if you have enough RAM (Memcached or Redis).
    7. Use CDN.
    8. Set Browser Cache for Visitors.

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