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    Default Does description tag matter in keyword rankings?

    Does description tag matter in keyword rankings?

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    The description tag if often used by google and other SE's as the description of the site or page on the site, so it is a very useful tool. It is not always necessary to use keywords within the description, but as they are highlighted in googles results I often do.

    Hope this helps

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    It is important tag to tell to crawler about page.

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    Meta description is very important and it's highly recommended. It helps the search engines to know better about your content.

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    meta description tag help search engines to crawl related data from indexed websites when a query is made. Yahoo and bing give special importance to keywords and description tags, where Google give importance to meta description instead of meta keywords.

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    Description meta tag which is used to give the information about our website to know about and the keywords might be used to catch up the users.

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    As per my knowledge, Yes keywords and meta tags are important. But most important thing for on page optimization is your content.
    You must write high level and reach content that attract people and they need to get connected towards your content immediately.
    And in that content you must use your targeted keywords very impressively that helps to rank your website higher in search result.

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    yes its matters.

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    Sorry for interupting but can you guys suggest me maximum of tags we should have in 1 blog?

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    It helps the search engine to know better about your content. Therefore Meta Description is very important.

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