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    Question Quality Score for ppc campaigns?

    Hello webmasteres I need to know that What Kind of Quality Score I have to achieve for my ppc campaigns? Please specify me about this?

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    anyone who knows the answer?

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    Quality Score depend many things is Google Adwrods campaign for your keyworks, but most important things are click through rate, relevancy and landing page etc. So if you are improve these three things, you can get a quality score for your keywords and benefit this you will pay mininmum for per click.

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    If you doing Adword for your project then Quality score for keyword is play role in your campaign. Quality score depand on three things that are CTR, Relevancy, and your landing page. If you're CTR is good, your keywords are relevant with your business and awesome landing page then you can get best quality score.
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    how good your ad is ranked on CTR and other formulas

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    Quality score is nothing but, quality of our ad in ppc campaign, it means, google will check how quality is our ad description and ad title, even this score will be helpful to place our ad the top position of the search engeine results page....

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    Make your ad good and relevant

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    Depend upon the quality of your ad on CTR

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    make a good advert ad

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    Quality scores determines what quality your ad have if they are related to your keyword and have high ctr then you will have high quality score.
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