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Thread: Favorite Game

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    Default Favorite Game

    Which is your favorite game?

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    my favorite game is Minecraft

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    Currently? Crusader Kings II with the A Song of Ice and Fire Mod (Game of Thrones). Put WAYYYY too many hours into that.

    All-time? I will have to think on that... but Chrono Trigger or FFVI come to mind instantly.

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    Warcraft 3 is my fav game

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    there are a lot of favorite games. i like to play games and some of my all time favorite games are

    Counter Strike
    Street Fighter
    Super Mario Bros
    Need for speed carbon

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    counter strike and balck ops are my favorite games.

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    My favorite is counter strike and no one lives forever

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    Even it's so old, I love to play Mario, remember the little man? This online game make me laugh every time when I play it!
    I like to play on some of my favorite friv games online every day.

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    My favorite game is Mario. Sounds very old but this are absolutely truth. This online game is still liked a lot of other people like me all around the globe.
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