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    Default VPN to hide IP and unblock websites

    VPN is the tool which is used for unblocking the websites, and specially for being anonymous through IP Change, best vpn service in 2012 who have emerged as most reliable in terms of expert reviews and user feedback are HMA,ivpn,purevpn, ibvpn and so many others. these tools are available in free,trial based and paid versions quality increases with the value... Purevpn is the most reliable vpn tool according to lates user feedbacks in 2012. thanks
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    Yes. I am also using VPN service to change my IP address and anonymous browsing. VPN service is really useful for me. I often use to change my VPN service provider. Whenever I enable a VPN service, I use to visit and have an IP lookup to ensure the change in my IP address.
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    You could also use Private Proxies. Use a VPS to browse inside it. Or Tor.

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