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    Quote Originally Posted by jameswarner1 View Post
    Here another benefit list:

    SEO Multiple Impact on Market
    SEO is A Long-Term Powerful Strategy
    SEO Provides Batter Opportunity
    SEO Friendly CMS
    Free or Paid Advertising
    can you tell me more about paid advertising

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    Seo helps to increase the visiblity of the websites.

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    SEO brings a lot of benefits to businesses specially those small businesses. It will help you attract more customers and gain better rankings in search engine.It takes time to see the results but you can really expect that your site will climb up slowly to the rankings, the business can also save money instead of paying advertisements and SEO can have a long term result compared to other marketing campaign.

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    1. Improving business
    2. Improving keywords ranking
    3. Improving traffics on website(users)
    4. Brand promotion
    5. Social media sharing

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    Benefits of seo
    1.Increased Traffic
    2.Cost effectiveness
    3.Increased site usability
    4.Brand Awareness

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    Very cost effective.

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    Here are some benefits of seo given below:
    1. Increased traffic
    2. ROI
    3. Cost-effectiveness
    4. Brand Awareness
    5. Increased site usability

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    Yes, you are absolutely right. Your all the points are the benefit with SEO.

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    SEO is best way to increase your website ranking & traffic online.

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    The benefits of seo:
    1) It targets quality traffic
    2) It reaches more people and gets more organic clicks
    3) It helps to increase PR (Page Rank)
    5) It increases sales and leads

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