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    Default Do you like google or yahoo?

    Do you like google or yahoo?
    It seems that google is the most popular search engine in the world, but not all people like it. Some people like yahoo more, or another search engine. then which is your favorite? google or yahoo, or another?
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    I have try all major search engine. Currently, Google is the best ones SE in the world. You can compare of them and choose the best ones as your internet stuff.

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    Oh yeah, google is dominating (my fave)

    bing is making big moves though

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    I prefer Google. If Bing got a different look I would consider using it more.

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    To be honest I think all the search engines nowadays provide quality search results, but google gains the most traffic by far and as a result has to be my preference, especially from an SEO perspective.

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    My Favorite Search Engine is Google...

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    I like yahoo because my website ranking good on yahoo and getting traffic from it.

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    I prefer working on google as they have a user friendly environment.

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    The big G is still best for me and which I consider number yet other search engines have all the reasons to be on top too.

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    Google is number one for me and its good to know that other search engines are keeping up with Google.

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