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    nice information,thanks for sharing with us.

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    Dedicated hosting is best suited for large business and high traffic which offers multiple domain names, email solutions, database and software support. On the other hand, Collocated hosting offers high bandwidth, high up time, high security and unlimited software supports.

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    The First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is the Private Detective Agency in Delhi offering both personal and corporate investigation services with a certification tag of ISO 2008-9001.

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    The relative freedom of colocation brings with it a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages of colocation:

    Higher bandwidth which means higher speed;
    You get to decide upon the server machines’ hardware and software;
    Opportunity and freedom to install any software and application;
    You get to decide on the specs and capacity of your disk which is dependent upon the technical requirements of your server;
    Full control over the removal, addition and change of any of the files in your system;
    Full control over the processes and users in the system;
    A 24/7 technical and service support;
    Increased Flexibility;
    Redundancy service and reliability, ensuring a high uptime guarantee;
    Guarantee of a reliable power capacity that can fully accommodate and serve your computing needs;

    The following are the advantages and disadvantages of dedicated server hosting:

    You are assured of a top calibre server performance because you do not share the system resources like processor power, disk space and memory with any other subscriber using the facility.
    As the whole system is dedicated for your use only, you do not run the risk of being crashed, swamped or slowed down by any other site.
    You don’t need to worry about anybody within the server accessing your files as nobody else has access to it but you.
    Custom Configuration of server suited to your needs.
    Custom Firewall to enforce access control policy.
    You have your own unique IP address.
    Memory, more processor and disk space can be added by provider should the need arise.

    Both hosting options has its own merits and disadvantages and there is no straight answer to the question of which is better. However, here is your guide; if your project is budget sensitive, go for a dedicated server but if you have the resources, colocation would be best for you.
    Managed Data Center and Cloud Hosting Services Provider

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    colocation = you buy your server.
    do this when u are seriously in the business, and confirm it will be profiting.

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    I think its somewhat more confused than that

    With colocation, you do possess your equipment, however recall... that likewise implies you will be in charge of any disappointments. On the off chance that you lease a devoted server, your supplier will deal with any expenses for you.

    I wouldn't colo anything not exactly a p4 server in view of the expense. Things being what they are, you could purchase a noteworthy machine for about $1500, at that point colocate it for $70/month. In the event that you plan on keeping it for some time, colo is a more savvy choice.

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    They are a standout among the most rumored and prestigious name in their specialty showcase. Their dependability can be measure by their customer tributes and surveys.

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    The difference between dedicated server hosting and colocation is that clients of dedicated hosting lease an entire server housed in an off-site data centre that is dedicated solely for their own use and without anyone sharing the facility with them while a client for colocation chooses to lease a rack.

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    Colocation Often referred to as server colocation. Its a situation where you store your server hardware in a hosting provider’s data center. This type of arrangement requires that you actually purchase your own hardware. The host provides you with space as well as other services that typically include an internet connection, redundant power sources, and physical security. Dedicated hosting describes an arrangement where you lease a server from a web hosting company. Just like colocation, you generally get an internet connection, physical security and all the protective features that come along with the provider’s data center. With dedicated hosting, you are granted with complete control over your hosting environment.

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    Thanks for this wonderful information

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