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    I get from google images and some of providers

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    If you are looking for additional images for editorial usage please refer henkel site

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    I have a cd with tons of images, pics an other stuff

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    Usually, I created images/ graphics by myself as I am a professional graphic designer and for this purpose, I am using many software.
    Currently, I am using KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro which has great features of editing the images.

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    Thanks For Your Information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synthia View Post
    Where do you get images and graphics for your website? Do you buy them, go to free sites like, create them yourself, or (gulp) copy (steal) them from unauthorized sources? I'm a bit of a photography nut, so I have a nearly infinite collection of both good and bad images to manipulate and play with.
    I just made by myself by pts CS6

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    i prepared on canva

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    Thanks For Your Information share it.

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