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    Default What is the most important in web design?

    I want to learn the web design, and i think it is difficult to me. Now i want to know what is the most important in web design? then i can make choice to learn ot not.
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    Default is a nice blog.It is provide the basic web designing tips.........

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    The web design is something that you need to learn and it is not difficult. The most important part of the web designs are the mental state of going to learn it or leave it.
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    I think all the aspect is important because creating a effective website then you concentrate all the aspect. The main and important thing is that attract visitors, convert visitors to leads and this is a sign of successful website design.

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    For gaining information about web designing.You learn on-line as well as offline.Lot of books written of basics of web designing.

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    Learning web designing is good thing to start your career in IT field. The main important thing in web designing is the software you used for designing. You have to use right and reliable software like dreamweaver which is the best software that you can use for designing a website with accuracy and effectively.

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    The Web Design is the Presentation of the web to the client,so this Presentation is very important.

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    Thebooks on the web are there that can give you a lot of knowledgeregarding he web design. The most efficient element of the websitecan thus be found on the internet world only.
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    I think Color and creativity of the website both are necessary but one thing are also important which is user friendly. If your website is not user friendly then people are not satisfied to your product.

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    Imagination is very important for a designer, there is the accumulation of experience, the cause of open, broad knowledge.

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