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    Create quality content and make good use of social media networks.

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    Thanks for your useful informative post

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    When it comes to getting your site on the first page of Google, your page rank is a great indicator of how well your page is performing. Your page rank is based on a combination of the quality of your content, your search engine optimization, and your links and viewership.

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    Fresh Content
    Content Promotion
    Quality Backlinks (with High DA) Prefer Do-Follow
    Traffic, Engagement (low Bounce Rate)
    Web 2.0 Backlinks
    Question Answer
    Blog Commenting

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    Here are some tips to help increase PR: 1. Use high quality info on your site 2. Submit your site to various web directories 3. Provide RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed 4. Try "permission" e-mailing (contact the site you want to link with and get their permission to link--Don't assume anything) 5. Do a Goggle search for your website 6. Avoid black-hat SEO tactics 7. Try to create "organic" links
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