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    Default Do MSN and Yahoo Sandbox also exist?

    The sandbox feature that Google necessarily boasts of plays a significant role in promoting order and discipline among all website owners. There are rumors suggesting that MSN and Yahoo both have their unique version of sandbox. The question that necessarily exists is how true is this aspect? It is true that adherence to ethics and desired conduct assume true importance in modern days. There are individuals who desire to show that they can conduct all the tasks by adopting the illegal techniques. I think that it truly will be great if Yahoo and MSN have their own version of sandbox.

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    I would say that if the Google sandbox is the hardest to overcome, the Yahoo sandbox comes in at a close second.While I have seen proof of an MSN sandbox, it is no where as pronounced as that of Google or Yahoo. In some cases this search engine even appears to reward new websites and new content with higher rankings.

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    Yes, MSN and Yahoo haven't done many changes so far, lots of things and rules are the same as before.

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    There is no is a myth.....

    Do a Google search....
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    i think yahoo sandbox exsits, MSN isn't

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